Moncton Tennessee Waltz


For Barbara's sister-in-law and brother — pattern and basic colour requested by them.

Margaret and Stuart asked that the quilt match their bedroom curtain fabric (a sample was sent). Barbara worked with Catherine to select fabrics they thought would work. Both to complement the curtains, and to suit the Tennessee Waltz quilt pattern.

Started 2014.09.26, top completed 2014.11.17, binding finished 2014.12.04, shipped 2015.01.22.

Professionally quilted by Catherine (Quilted Garden), pattern is "Fleur de Swirl".

Barbara couldn't not send one for the boss of the household. Boone's quilt is a 4-patch similar to the "forget me not" quilt Barbara made years ago, using some of the same fabrics as in the larger quilt. Was completed 2014.12.20.

Quilt at Home

This is a shot of the quilt on Margaret's and Stuart's bed in Moncton (nice looking bed). They selected the Tennessee Waltz pattern. And, asked that the fabrics used complement the curtains in the room (a sample of the curtain fabric was sent to us). We don't see the curtains, but I think it goes nicely with the floor.

the quilt on its bed in Moncton

Shots of a closer look at the pattern and primary & border fabrics, a look at the quilting pattern, and the backing fabric are also available.