Teddy Bears for Baby


This is a simple quilt pattern using fabrics, all fannel/fannelette, Barbara and I picked out just this month at A Great Notion Sewing Supply, in Langley. It is the same basic pattern used for the Easy Chenille Baby Quilt Blue. It is specifically intended for Stephanie and Kevin's first baby, expected October 10, 2011. Since we don't know the sex of the child, we tried to put together something that might appeal to any child.

It was started about June 15, 2011, and completed June 19, 2011 Barbara machine stitched–in–the–ditch to finish the quilt.

We couldn't find a border material we liked—so Barbara stitched 2cm from the edges of the quilt to simulate a border.

And, you have got to love the backing material.

Teddy Bears for Baby

Barbara kindly held the quilt off the back deck so I could take a picture. Not a great picture.

A photo of the backing fabric, which I just love, is also available.

Quilt we are calling Teddy Bears for Baby.