Spring Fling


Barbara also purchased this kit at The Quilted Garden. Though called Spring Fling, it is based on the Quick Trip Around the World pattern. Barbara has previously made a queen size version of this pattern, this one is a lap quilt (~142cm x 198cm", ~56" x 78").

It was started May 17, 2009, and completed June 2, 2009. As is usually the case, it was professionally quilted by Catherine Hanna, proprietor of The Quilted Garden.

There was some debate as to what would happen with the quilt. That is, would we keep it, would it be given to someone, etc. As it turns out, it was given to Kristina, my (Rick's) sister, during my 2009 trip to Lethbridge (June 22, 2009).

In a strange twist of fate, Kristina also received the first Quick Trip Around the World as a gift. Two Quick Trip quilts — two completely different looks.

Spring Fling

Barbara, once again, obliged, kindly holding the quilt off the back deck so I could take a picture. Once again, not a great picture.

Rick managed to catch the quilt hard at work..

Spring Fling, lap quilt based on the Quick Trip Around the World pattern.