Snuggle Bubbles


I liked the quilt when I saw it at Village Quilts in Lethbridge in June 2011. Especially the minky fabric used in the pinwheels. So I bought it figuring someone we knew would have a baby (boy) sooner or later. There were a few other quilts bought that year, but until this year, there hadn't been any need to finish this one.

Kevin and Stephanie were expecting a baby in July 2013, so Barbara started the quilt on March 5, 2013. She wanted to have it done so I could take it with me when I went for my annual visit to Alberta. The top was finished on April 8th, and it was completed April 12th. It had a fannel backing fabric, some polyester batting, and was machine quilted by Barbara.

Here it is December and I'm finally letting you know that Stephanie and Kevin (mostly Kevin I think) chose this quilt over the Jungle Baby quilt.

Snuggle Bubbles

Full shot of the quilt. The photo doesn't do the rich colours justice. Got to love those bubbles on the minky fabric.

Interesting how the texture of the brown minky alters the look of the brown colour depending on how the light strikes it. And, not the white.

A close-up of the fabrics & design, the backing fabric, and a photo of Mason, Grandma and the quilt together are also available.

Baby quilt in brown, blue & white pinwheels, employing minky and flannel fabrics.