Scarlett’s Blanket


If possible, when a quilt goes to someone with a 4 legged companion, Barbara likes to make sure that the little person gets a blanket/quilt of its own.

In this case, the "companion" blankie is for Scarlett, 4 legged companion to Heather Blais. So, a little fabric hunting, some cutting, sewing and stitching, and voila! Barbara started cutting for this "companion" blanket on September 22nd. She finished it on October 7th.

On October 30th the companion blanket was sent to Scarlett, along with the French Twist for Heather (both in Ottawa). When Barbara was staffing officer for Vancouver C&D, Heather was one of her primary contacts in Ottawa. Since retiring they have maintained contact by e-mail and such.

The Companion Blanket

Scarlett obviously needed a little of Barbara's sewing to help her sleep all warm and cozy. So, a little fabric selection, some quick cutting, sewing and stitching, and voila!

A photo of Scarlett snoozing, a close-up of the front with some of Barbara's freehand machine quilting, and a look at the companion blanket's backing fabric are also available.

Shot of the companion blanket Barbara made for Scarlett, Heather's best friend.