Rag Quilt


All the rage some years ago. Kit bought in LA (Village Quilts) 2009.06.27.

The quilt was started 2010.01.01 and completed fairly quickly. All but the clipping and washing. Barbara's sister undertook to do the cutting this past fall. We picked up the clipped quilt when over for Christmas dinner, 2014.12.25.

Then Barbara ran it through the washer/drier a few times (carefully cleaning the lint trap after each run) to create the ragged look. It is still shedding, and Barbara thinks it could use a few more cycles to enhance the ragging.

Rag Quilt

A shot of the full quilt. It is lap quilt or art quilt size.

A close up of a ragged block, a close-up of a section of ragged blocks, and a shot of the quilt back are also available.

Front of rag quilt.