Quick Trip Around the World


This was the project from a class Barbara took at The Quilted Garden beginning March 31, 2007.

The piecing and border were completed April 21, 20007. It then went off for finishing (backing, quilting, binding) by Catherine at The Quilted Garden. Returning to us May 2, 2007.

The body of the quilt is made from fabrics pulled from Barbara's stash. It took the two of us the best part of an afternoon to select the materials. I, personally, am really pleased with the the way the fabrics came together. (Though, in the pictures, the yellow looks much more faded than it really is -- the flash, from the camera, has washed it out.)

This is probably the first time we actually developed a colour scheme on our own. It has proved shocking to most of those who have seen it. Me, I love it.

The outside border is a fabric that was selected by Barbara and Catherine. It really works well with the yellow and blue fabrics framing the quilt's darker centre. The backing was selected and obtained at the same time.

It is meant for a queen size bed.

The quilt was hand delivered to my sister, Kristina, in June 2007. She was very pleased. I admit to some envy. To help me cope, I may redesign these pages to use the colour palette from the quilt.

Colour galore

We have a side view of the quilt which better shows the border fabric.

Quilt using the Quick Trip Around the World technique. This is from the class she took. All the fabrics except the outside border and backing were obtained from Barbara's stash