Barbara's Companion Blankets/Quilts

Barbara has always had great love for her/our pets, been more than fond of many of the strays in our yard (birds or cats), and of the 4 legged friends of everyone she knows. So it is no surprise that she believes that, when a quilt goes to someone with a 4 legged companion, the little person should also have a blanket/quilt of its own.

There haven't been many, but there have been a few. And, because of the love they embrace for another creature, they should also get their moment — just like the quilts going to their caretakers.

I think Barbara enjoys hunting for the right fabrics every bit as much as sewing everything together. There is certainly much personal care given to that step of the process.

A number of Barbara's quilts/blankets have left home, and are being enjoyed by two & four-legged family, as well as a friend or three.

Boone's 4 Patch
Neville's Teen Blanket
Boone's Brick Work