Neville’s Teen Blanket


Barbara thought it time that Neville got something more likley to suit his current proportions.

So in January 2015 she set about making a larger blanket for the now much larger Neville.

In an effort to, hopefully, limit household rivalry, two blankets were made of similar fabric. One of suitable size for the teen version of Neville, and one for his companion Chris — rather smaller of course.

Both blankets were finished 2015.01.19, and delivered to Bill Hendricks, following our bi-monthly breaky (this time at the Roadrunner in Langley) on 2015.01.21. That should likely be Barbara's and Bill's bi-monthly breaky, I don't always make it.

Neville's Teen Blanket

And, what better for a doggy baby blanket than many, many puppy friends. And, his own mattress — how lovely and loving.

A shot of Neville's teen sized blanket.

Shots of a full view of the blanket, a closer look at the puppies in the fabric, and the backing fabric are also available.