Neville’s Baby Blanket


This "companion" blanket was made for Neville, the puppy William Hendricks brought home November 2013. Bill has been a recipient of one of Barbara's quilts; but, this baby blanket was really not a "companion" blanket as it was made all by itself just for Neville — just because he was someone new in Bill's life. And it was very clear Bill was in love.

Can't say for sure, but I expect when Neville gets a little older, he may be the recipient of another. Just thinking…

Neville's Baby Blanket

There was a time Barbara and Bill were virtually inseparable — before retirement. It was a strong friendship and has continued since retirement (Bill retired about a year after Barbara). We both look forward to our bi-monthly breakfasts with Bill.

So when we were told he was bringing home another Golden Retriever, a white one, Barbara knew she needed to provide the young lad with a baby blanket.

And, what better for a doggy baby blanket than many, many puppy friends.

A shot of Neville & Bill, a close-up of some of those puppies, and a shot of the backing fabric are also available.

A shot of Neville's baby blanket.