Magic Tiles #2


A lot of people were impressed with the first Magic Tiles quilt Barbara had done. Kevin, our nephew, and his fiancee (now his wife) were taken enough to request a Magic Tiles quilt as their wedding gift. (They stayed with us for a few days while touring BC in the summer of 2007.)

Kevin, of course, had wanted bright colours, especially orange in the fabrics. We played with that for a while, then settled on the more neutral earth tones of the final quilt. (I think Stephanie appreciated that decision.)

Barbara took the original pattern, and made three sets of tiles. At least one fabric was changed in each set of tiles, so more than twelve fabrics were used. Then we arranged the tiles in 7 rows 5 blocks wide. It is a huge quilt.

It was started 2008.03.14, and Barbara finished the piecing at the end of June. We got it back from Catherine 2008.07.09.

It fits! (sideways)

In the photo below, it has been put on the bed sideways. As you can see, in that configuration, it covers the top of a queen size bed, and nearly reaches the floor on both sides. It will likely work just fine on a king size bed.

There's also a photo of the newly weds opening their gift.

Barbara's second Magic Tiles quilt, done in earth coloured fabrics, is
      a wedding gift for Kevin and Stephanie.