Magic Tiles #1


Barbara will be taking a class on creating a Magic TilesTM quilt in October 2007. The class will be given by Catherine at The Quilted Garden. The design is by Kathleen Bissett.

Barbara decided she would like to do the class project using oriental style fabrics. But she was uncertain how it would look. So, I decided to help.

I took pictures of the fabrics she had selected. Then I tried to create a web page showing the quilt. But, that really didn't work because of the odd angles and uneven sizes of the tetragons in each full block.

So, I wrote a PHP script that generates an SVG image, giving a much better idea of how the quilt will look. Not exactly, since the lines for the tetragons will be different, the fabrics will be cut differently, and in the final quilt some of the blocks may be rotated and placed in different positions.

But, that said, it should still give us a good idea of what the final version will look like. Please excuse the fact that I didn't try to add any borders.

A Computer Simulation

A photo of the finished quilt is now available (added 2008.10.18).

Attempt to display the likely look of the Magic Tiles quilt,
      using selected oriental fabrics. This will project for a class
      Barbara will be taking in October 2007.