Barbara fell in love with the fabric in some charm packs which she purchased back in June 2009. They were called "Victoria", the fabrics were designed by Nikki Russell. They sat around for some time before she decided to do something with them. A visit with Catherine, selecting a pattern, and finding materials to go with it, and voilà!

The quilt pattern was called Marigolds and was designed by Joanna Figueroa circa 2012. The quilt shown on the front cover was in more or less marigold and other garden colours (Autumn version). Which can't be said for this one. I think it was called Marigolds because of the colours in the quilts (two version Sunshine and Autumn) displayed in the pattern booklet. I expect there is some traditional pattern with a more generic name. But, we don't currently know what it is—if it is.

Barabara started work on the quilt February 3, 2015. Finished the top March 20th. Took it to Catherine for professional quilting, and finished the binding on June 16th. The quilt pattern is called “Dainty”.

Barbara wasn't too sure what she thought of the fabric selections. And, she had been thinking, given the number of quilts we already have, of perhaps giving the quilt to family or friend. But once it was finished she changed her mind about how it would look, and decided to, afterall, keep it for herself. A decision, those who have seen the quilt, all understand and agree with.

We especially love the way the pink border and the grey-green & grey-blue in the shashing and corner posts work with the fabrics from the charm packs. Quite lovely!

The Big Picture

And here is the quilt in it's full glory.

A closer look at a section of marigolds, a close-up of a single marigold and the quilt pattern, a look at one of the cross blocks joining the marigold blocks, and lastly a shot of the backing fabric are also available.

An interesting quilt in beautiful pastel coloured fabrics, Marigold pattern.