Jungle Baby


Since we didn't know whether Stephanie was going to have a boy or girl, Barbara decided an optional baby quilt (not blue & brown) was in order. She found a Jungle Babies fabric by Patty Reed Designs at Fabric Land that she thought would be perfect. So using that fabric, leftovers from other quilts, and a backing material she picked up at Jo-Ann, she put together another baby quilt.

She started the project on April 30th, and had it finished by May 22nd. She wanted it done in time for me to take on my annual trip to Alberta, along with the other baby quilt she'd finished earlier. She wanted to give Stephanie and Kevin the choice.

A little late with this update, but Stephanie and Kevin (well mostly Kevin I think) chose the other quilt.

Jungle Baby

Full shot of the quilt. The inspirational fabric was used for the border.

A close-up of the fabrics & design, and the backing fabric are also available.

Baby quilt based on the fabric Jungle Babies by Patty Reed Designs.