Double Irish Chain


After finishing and taking in the two lap quilts in May 2010, Barbara decided Sophie needed a lap quilt. We had some colour, and pattern, ideas that didn't pan out — couldn't find the right fabrics in Barbara's stash. In the end, Barbara suggested an Irish Chain, using just two colours, white and something. We settled on a dark blue, with a white pattern. And, just before doing the border, Barbara suggested adding the red flange.

I think the Double Irish Chain in the deep blue and white on white is rather striking.

The fabrics came out of Barbara's stash. Work on the quilt began on May 25, 2010. It was delivered to Catherine, for professional quilting on June 1, 2010. Barbara picked it up from Catherine Hanna, of The Quilted Garden, on June ??, 2010.

Barbara then tackled finishing the binding. It was completed in time for me to take with me for my annual summer visit with mother.

Double Irish Chain

It is lap sized quilt. Very nice the way the quilting shows on the white. We felt the red in the binding, and tab, would give it a little more life.

An angle shot shows the double chain more clearly. A close-up of the blocks is available. As are views showing the backing fabric, and, Mom accepting her new quilt.

Double Irish Chain, a Double Irish Chain quilt in dark blue and white, lap size.