Hunter Star


Barbara had asked Stuart if he'd like another quilt. He said yes, in red and white, and suggested the Hunter Star quilt pattern.

Barbara had a look on line, found at least 2 different approaches/patterns, and wildly different amounts for the fabric required. She eventually found and purchased a pattern she liked (on the return from a trip to Whidbey Island in May). But if was for a 27.5 x 27.5 inch quilt, with no info on fabric requirements for a larger quilt. Stuart needs a queen sized quilt.

So we both took a crack at figuring out how much fabric we likely need. We also asked some others, like Catherine Hanna, for there estimates.

The pattern Barbara used was purchased at Tangled Threads Quilt Shop, Lynden, WA.

Barbara did some looking around but didn't immediately see anything she liked in reds or whites. We figured we'd need around 7½ yards of each fabric. Maybe 8or so of the red if it was going to be used for the binding.

We eventually went to Dragonfly Quilting and after sometime found a patterned red and off white that we felt would work. We were convinced by the sales person that we did not need 7 yards or more of fabric. So we bought what she suggested. As she said they would order more if needed.

Barbara fairly quickly realized that we had nowhere enough fabric. So we went back to Dragonfly Quilting, and promptly learned that ordering more was unlikely. Fortunately there was about the same, or a little more, of both fabrics as we purchased the first time. We bought it all.

As Barbara was proceeding and nearly enough blocks made to produce the size of quilt she was originally aiming for she realized there was enough fabric to make it a little bigger. After some e-mail exchanges with Stuart, it got a lot bigger. It ended up being roughly 100 inches by 100 inches (2.54 m by 2.54 m).

Barbara started the top 2019.10.11 and finished 2020.01.19.

Catherine, Sea Breeze Designs, Qualicum Beach, was going to do the professional quilting. Catherine sent some photos of possible backing fabrics that she had in her stock. We picked one which Catherine agreed with. Catherine pieced it to create a sheet big enough. Catherine's son picked it up on January 19th to take over to the Island. Catherine added the batting and backing and had it loaded in her long arm quilting machine by the 22nd. It was quilted in the 'Ink Blot' pattern using 40wt variegated red thread. She also added the binding, which was the same fabric as the backing. Ryan returned it January 27th. Barbara finished sewing the binding on February 5th.

In between working on the binding (there was a lot of hand stitching involved, along with some eye strain), Barbara made a small quilt from leftover pieces for Boone.

We hope to get it mailed to Margaret and Stuart by February 14th. Barbara still has to finish the binding on Boone's quilt and we need to come up with a sufficiently large box. Doubt Barbara has made more than couple of quilts this size. And maybe a couple close to this size.

Margaret and Stuart Accept

A shot of the Hunter Star on Margaret's and Stuart's bed.

We packaged and mailed the quilt and Boone's mini quilt on Wednesday, February 19th. It was delivered in Moncton on Friday, February 21st. And we got the picture(s) from Stuart the same day. Pretty quick delivery. A shot of the quilt on Margaret's and Stuart's bed.

A full view, a close up of a star block, a close up of a hunter's star, a close up of a section of 'arrow heads', and a look at the backing fabric are also available.