Friendship au bleu


When Margaret, Barbara's sister-in-law, sent the fabric for the art quilt, "Free Fall", she included a second set of fabrics. Barbara chose to use the basic design of the "Free Fall" quilt, but decided to replace the leaves with friendship stars. I think it was a great choice.

Barbara began work on the quilt in February, 2011. After a bit of worrying about the friendship stars, she finally decided it would work, and quickly finished the quilt top. It then went off to Catherine for backing, batting, and professional quilting.

She also just before shipping the finished quilt to Margaret, sewed together a little something for Boone — hoping it would keep him off the other two quilts.

The package was shipped to Margaret, and received by her on March 7, 2011. She was quite pleased with the variation; perhaps finding it a bit difficult to decide which of the two quilts she favoured most. Boone apparently took to the windowsill quilt instantly. Of course, that may have had something to do with where it was put.

Friendship au bleu

Full shot of the quilt (lap and/or wall hanging). That's Barbara behind it.

The finished Friendship Stars quilt.

There are also a close-up of the quilting, and a a closer look at the friendship stars available.