French Twist


From a pattern Catherine, A Quilted Garden, designed this past year (2013). Barbara saw it, liked it, bought it. Would that be something like veni, vidi, emi. I think it was the reds that did her in.

It was started July 28 and the top was completed August 17. It eventually went to Catherine for professional quilting, as well as selecting a backing fabric. Took a bit of time, but Barbara finished the binding October 15, 2013.

On September 22nd, Barbara started on a "companion" blanket for Scarlett — Heather's best (4 legged) buddy.

On October 30th both blanket and quilt were sent to Heather Blais & Scarlett (in Ottawa). When Barbara was staffing officer for Vancouver C&D, Heather was one of her primary contacts in Ottawa. Since retiring they have maintained contact by e-mail and such.

French Twist

Told you it was the reds!

A close-up of the fabrics & design, a look at the backing fabric are also available.

French Twist quilt from kit purchased at Village Quilts in Lethbridge.