Free Falling


Barbara is making this lap quilt for Margaret, her sister-in-law. In this case, however, the process doesn't follow the norm.

Sometime back Barbara had asked Margaret about her favourite colours, so that she could make her a quilt. Margaret chose to not simply provide the information. Instead, she picked a pattern she liked, and selected the fabrics she wanted used. The pattern and fabric were then shipped to Barbara.

Barbara began work on the quilt in July, 2010. But, with a lot of activity at our place this year (paint exterior of house and garage, replace front fence, and re-surfacing of the deck), we have been spending a good deal of time outside. So, progress has not been particularly rapid.

The quilt was finished, and professionally quilted, in September. And, is now, safely, back in Margaret's possession — well perhaps in Boone's possession.

A variation of the pattern in a separate set of fabrics (again supplied by Margaret) was also made by Barbara — though somewhat later.

Free Falling

Full shot of the quilt (lap and/or wall hanging). That's Barbara behind it.

The finished Free Falling quilt.

There is also a close-up of the quilting available.