Floral Chain


This is another quilt package/kit purchased while I was visiting family in Lethbridge the June 20007. Saw a version of it in the window of Village Quilts, and just couldn't resist. So, on my return home, Barbara received a large package of fabrics and some brief instructions.

We had to ask the shop to send us a photo of the quilt in the window, so Barbara would have some idea of how it would look. The sketch wasn't quite enough to allow her to picture the result in her mind.

Barbara got started on it 2008.01.25, and completed the piecing (including borders) on 2008.08.16. We picked it up from Catherine on 2008.08.21.

I still like it

The very pink and violet Floral Chain quilt, from a kit purchased at Village Quilts in Lethbridge in June 2007.