Drunkard's Wave


Another paper piecing project.

Started 2008.09.20; but, not completed until October 2010.

We just got word today, 2010.10.13, that Catherine has completed the professional quilting. Barbara plans to pick it up tomorrow, and start on the binding in the next week or two.

The binding was completed November 22, 2010.

Barbara never really took to this one. So, she is considering putting it up for sale, to try and recover the material, and professional quilting, costs. That may prove difficult because of the amount required to do so. Very few people seem to appreciate the cost involved. And, that won't cover Barbara's time; but, since she enjoys the process, and craft, that isn't an issue for her.

Drunkard's Wave

A wild design, in very fall colours.

Drunkard's Wave quilt in fall colours, a little on the wild side.

A close up of the "waves", and of Barbara holding up the quilt are also available.