Paisley & Roses


Barbara really loved the floral fabric. So, with Catherine's help, the other fabrics were selected to go with the floral. I especially like the way the paisley fabric blends with the floral — hence my name for the quilt. Using a burgundy for the inner border was my idea.

Barbara chose to use a “disappearing nine patch” pattern, and sized it for a double bed (81 in. sq). It was begun 2012.01.02, and the top was completed 2012.01.19. It then went off for professional quilting by Catherine Hanna (The Quilted Garden). Following its return, Barbara finished the binding, and the quilt, on 2012.02.21.

Everyone who has seen it, thinks Barbara and Catherine did a fantastic job selecting the fabrics, and pattern. And, most of us think the narrow burgundy inner border was a great addition — adding that "je ne sais quoi" thing to the finished quilt.

Antique looking Paisley & Roses

A shot of the whole quilt on a queen-size bed. Goodly coverage for a double-bed sized quilt.

Must say my photo doesn't do the quilt justice.

A close-up of the pattern and borders and a shot of the backing fabric are also available.

A Disappearing 9 Patch quilt pattern in brown paisley and rose fabrics, with a touch of burgundy.