City Slicker #3


A while back, March 2010, Barbara purchased the fabric and pattern book for the quilt design StrataVarious. However, she never seemed to really have any interest in the pattern. So, this past May, she decided to use the materials to make another City Slicker lap quilt — hence #3.

Most of the fabrics were purchased on March 19, 2010. Some additional fabric was purchased on April 30, 2011. Work on the quilt began on May 6, 2011. Barbara picked it up from Catherine Hanna, of The Quilted Garden, on August 24, 2011 after it was professionally quilted by Catherine.

Barbara then tackled the binding on the quilt. It was finished September 12, 2011.

City Slicker #3

It was planned as a lap sized quilt — though, as you can see, a rather large one. Barbara and Bill are holding it up so I can get a shot. We did it out back so we could get it in good light, sorry about the shadows.

Note: Bill was the proud recipient of the first City Slicker Barbara put together.

City Slicker #3, an eclectic patchwork quilt in yellows, greens and blues, lap size being held up by Barbara and Bill.

A closer look at the full quilt, and a close-up of the blocks are available. As is a view showing the backing fabric.