City Slicker #2


Once again while visiting Catherine, Barbara saw a quilt incorporating some of the fabrics in this quilt. Barbara liked the colour combination, and thought she knew who might appreciate it, so she and Catherine put together a set of coordinating fabrics, mostly from the Bistro line.

Barbara decided on a lap quilt in the City Slicker pattern — same pattern used for the quilt she made for long time co-worker, and friend Bill Hendricks.

The fabrics were purchased on April 1, 2010. Work on the quilt began on April 4, 2010. Barbara picked it up from Catherine Hanna, of The Quilted Garden, on June 1, 2010 after it was professionally quilted by Catherine.

Barbara then tackled the binding on the quilt. It was finished a week or two later. See the photos below.

This one went to my brother-in-law, Rick Brugos. Now, my sister, Kristina, won't have to fight for the lap quilt she received last year.

City Slicker #2

It was planned as a lap sized quilt — though, as you can see, a rather large one.

A close-up of the blocks is available. As is a shot of Rick accepting his gift, and a view showing the backing fabric.

City Slicker #2, a eclectic patchwork quilt, lap size.