City Slicker


This quilt was purchased by Barbara on August 8, 2009, as a kit, from The Quilted Garden. She apparently couldn't resist the colours. It is a rather eclectic patchwork.

It was started October 6, 2009. Barbara picked it up from Catherine Hanna, proprietor of The Quilted Garden, on December 4th, 2009 after it was professionally quilted by Catherine. It is sized for a twin bed.

Barbara then tackled the binding on the quilt. It was finished a week or two later. See the photos below.

City Slicker

It is a twin sized quilt, but will likely be used as a lap quilt — though it does look a might large for that.

Barbara presented the quilt to Bill Hendricks on January 26, 2010.

A close-up of the blocks is available. As is a view showing the backing fabric.

City Slicker, a eclectic patchwork quilt, twin size.