Cranes in Black and White and Red


What's black and white and red all over? No, not a newspaper. It's Barbara's latest quilt!

Barbara had bought the "crane fabric" in, or prior to, 2008. She just fell in love with it. (In Abbotsford she thinks. And, I agree with her, lovely fabric.) When she saw the pattern on the cover of Modern Art with Fabric, she knew what she wanted to make with the cranes.

So taking the fabric and pattern booklet, she went off to Catherine at The Quilted Garden. Together, they put together the palette for this stunning quilt. The red centres were Catherine's idea.

Once started, it went together rather quickly, considering the time that passed after the initial fabric was purchased. She started it Tuesday, 2010.06.22, and dropped it off with Catherine, for professional quilting, on Tuesday, 2010.06.29. It was collected from Catherine on Monday, 2010.07.05. After which the binding was added.

The pattern came from Modern Art with Fabric, "An exercise in component sewing to show off contemporary fabrics.", Debbie Maddy, Calico Carriage Quilt Designs, 2007.

On Sunday, November 28, 2010, Barbara gave the quilt to Larry, her brother-in-law. He was very surprised, and pleased.

Cranes in Black and White and Red

A stunning lap quilt. I am sure you can see why Barbara was so excited when she saw the pattern, and fabric.

An oriental look using a pattern from Modern Art with Fabric, by Debbie Maddy.

A shot of Larry accepting the qift, a close up of the red centred block, and the back (quilting barely visible) are also available.