Boone’s Brick Woork


There bits and pieces of stuff leftover from making the Hunter Star quilt for Margaret and Stuart. In the past Barbara has often sent something along for Boone whenever sending a quilt to Margaret and Stuart. So she figured she might as well use the leftovers and make a pet blanket for Boone.

We spent a bit of time messing with ideas and settled on this simple, but pleasing 'brick' pattern. We were trying to use the pieces available without needing to take things apart and re-sew them into something else. We also chose to ignore the fact that the pieces were not all of the same size. I think Barbara did a lovely job and that the 'Boone blanket' came out rather well.

Boone’s Brick Woork

Kiwi instructed her human servant to make a little something for Boone. Guess Kiwi felt Boone needed a little extra colour and warmth in his life. She was very particular about the fabric colours and the design. And wanted it to be soft and cuddly. Kiwi also felt that if Boone was getting a nice, new blanket, that he'd likely wish to give his personal humans a little colour and warmth as well. And there you have it. Hope Boone appreciates the efforts to which Kiwi put Barbara.

A shot of the full brick work quilt for Boone.

A shot of Boone snoozing on his new quilt, a close up of the brick work, and a shot of the backing fabric are also available.