Boone’s 4 Patch


Margaret and Stuart were getting a new quilt from Barbara, the boss of the household certainly deserved one as well. Boone's quilt is a 4-patch similar to the "Forget Me Not" quilt Barbara made years ago. It uses some of the same fabrics as in the larger quilt — Moncton Tennessee Waltz. It was completed 2014.12.20.

The package was shipped to Margaret & Stuart, and received by them on January 30, 2015. Boone apparently took to the larger quilt instantly. But, seems, perhaps due to a lack of choice, to be accepting of the smaller gift.

Boone's Tennessee Waltz?

We spread the quilt out on the chair to admire it and Boone claimed it. He never sleeps on a chair, generally on the floor or up high somewhere. We put his quilt on top in case he decided to nest for the night.

Boone, Margaret's cat, claiming the Tennessee Waltz quilt as his own.

Shots of Boone on his 4 Patch, a full view of the quilt and a close-up of the fabrics in the quilt are also available.