Boone’s Blanket


This "companion" blanket was made for Boone, the feline that runs the Cooke household back in New Brunswick.

Margaret had selected a number of fabrics and a pattern she liked. Barbara took on the task of putting them together — there was, in the end, a second variation of the pattern made.

Just before shipping the finished quilts to Margaret, Barbara sewed together a little something for Boone — hoping it would keep him off the two quilts.

The package was shipped to Margaret, and received by her on March 7, 2011. Boone apparently took to the windowsill blanket instantly. Of course, that may have had something to do with where it was put.

Boone's Windowsill Blanket

Boone's wee windowsill blanket. The other side is green check. We haven't heard if he prefers one side over the other.

Boone's, Margaret's cat, wee sleeping pad.

A shot of Boone on his blanket is also available.