Peacock Bargello


This was the project from a class Barbara took at The Quilted Garden the last two Saturdays of June 2006.

It was started the week of 2006-06-12, when Barbara picked up the kit, and cut all the strips prior to the first class on 2006-06-17. It uses 45 separate fabrics. It is also rather large at 84 by 90 inches (214 by 228 cm) without borders.

Barbara finished piecing it 2006.07.25, and added the borders a few days later. It then went off for finishing (backing, quilting, binding) by Catherine at The Quilted Garden.

What a beauty!

This one gets three photos posted, because I felt it needed them to be fully appreciated. This is the first of the series - a top down view. The second provides a side view. And the third is meant to show the quilt's back, which is fairly impressive in its own right.

Barbara's first bargello, Peacock. This is from the class she took.