Arte Maxime


We decided that Barbara was going to make another gift quilt - more or less laptop size.

It was decided to use the same pattern that was used for the art quilt inspired by the crane fabric — oriental look in black and white. But, the original thought was to use primary colours.

So, off went Barbara to see Catherine, of The Quilted Garden. But when Barbara saw the batik fabric, on the outside border of this quilt, there was a change of plan. Together, they brought together the batik fabrics for this cheery quilt.

They only thing I had to do was decide what colour/fabric to use for the center squares of the smaller blocks. We were intent on using something from Barbara's stash. I think the orange was a novel, but complementary choice.

Quite amazing how completely different it looks from the first version.

Barbara started it Saturday, 2011.02.18. It was dropped off with Catherine, for professional quilting in March. Picked up approximately March 8th. Barbara completed the binding (it's the only real bit of hand stitching done on the quilts) Saturday, April 16, 2011.

The pattern came from Modern Art with Fabric, "An exercise in component sewing to show off contemporary fabrics.", Debbie Maddy, Calico Carriage Quilt Designs, 2007.

Arte Maxime

A bright and cheerful lap quilt done in batiks. With a very fruity, sea-shore colour palette. (Yes, that is Barbara lurking behind the quilt, atop the cedar chest.)

An art quilt in batik fabrics using a pattern from Modern Art with Fabric, by Debbie Maddy.

A closer look at an orange centered block, and the back are also available.