Raptor Ranch Visit: August 20, 2011 2011.08.20 13:10:42

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That's Bruce Hutchison, of Wild Birds Unlimited, Langley, in the center wearing white shorts.
This cage contained the 5 birds used during the presentation. I believe they were all currently working birds — that is, in flying shape and doing bird…
I believe this is Morgan (Harris Hawk) — mainly because of the "look" I'm getting. We hadn't yet been introduced to the birds at this point. We were still…
And, I think this is Morgan without all the wire mesh in the way. Had to switch from auto focus to manual control — auto-focus always focused on the mesh,…
I believe this could be the male falcon Finally. Bit of story to that name. Finally is a tri, gyr peregrine saker.
And, perhaps Amy, female falcon.
Amy, falconer, brings out Finally a few minutes before the presentation begins.
And Finally a little closer.