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To the personal web presence of B & R Kochanski, and their four–legged friends.

The site's initial purpose was to allow family and friends to see Barbara's quilts. At first, the 10 MB of space alotted us by Telus, and static web pages, were more than sufficient. However, as time, and Barbara's handiwork, have progressed, we just needed more space.

So, I finally broke down and obtained a domain name, and contracted with a hosting provider. This site, in need of a major redesign, is the result.

We eventually hope to expand the site's content. Perhaps showing some of our gardening efforts, maybe a few shots of the little ones, and, a gallery of family photo albums (at least a start has been made). The latter being my own pet project.

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse Barbara's quilts — completed, and in progress.

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